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Dwelling: Cultural Literacy Everywhere Symposium 11th-13th May 2022, UCD

Cultural Literacy Everywhere is an international association of researchers and cultural practicioners (from very different backgrounds), whose aim is to look at what it means to be culturally literate. The basis of this association is interdisciplinarity, as we examine how cultural fields intersect with various other areas, such as public policy and social change.

This year's symposium, on the theme of 'dwelling', will take place on Zoom and be hosted by University College Dublin. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to organise this symposium, as the topic is so central to my own research project, and am looking forward to the many discussions that will be taking place.

The abstracts, as well as short bios, of all our presenters - including the keynote speakers Dr Rachel Hurdley, Prof. Alison Blunt and Prof. Colin Ellard - can be found on CLE's website:


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